Atilt, Sundra & Garden Gate


Mel Katz


Newport Ave & 14th St



ARTIST: Mel Katz . LOCATION: Newport Ave & 14th St . YEAR INSTALLED: 2002

Mel Katz’s sculptures appear vaguely figurative, but the works are abstract, conceptual. Katz creates mixed-media works where lines appear to float. Katz’s father was a tailor and these pattern shapes are evident in all of Katz’s work. Mel Katz’s body of work reflects his unique journey from painter to sculptor.

Katz was featured on Oregon Art Beat in 2009 and is the co-founder of Portland Center for the Visual Arts. The Hallie Ford Museum organized a major retrospective on Mel Katz in 2015 titled Mel Katz: On and Off the Wall which included an accompanying exhibition that illustrated his creative process.

Katz’s work can be seen at the Portland Art Museum, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum as well as public art collections in Oregon and Washington.