Mt. Bachelor Compass

Steve Jensen’s sculptures are derived from his experiences and the landscapes he’s encountered. Jensen comes from a long tradition of Norwegian fishermen and boat builders. Jensen’s carved calligraphic motifs reflect his close relationship to the water, and the refashioning of found elements mirror the aesthetic traditions of his Norwegian forbearers. Jensen is well known for his several distinct series on boats. The chisels he uses for his wood and metal sculptures have been passed down from his grandfather and father.

Steve Jensen plays an influential role in the Pacific Northwest, making his mark on the landscape with monumental public artworks, as well as paintings and sculptures imbued with personal narrative. Jensen’s work can be found at the Oregon Zoo, numerous parks in Washington including Centennial Park, Cannon Beach Park, Edmunds Waterfront and the City Courthouse in Seattle as well as public art collections in Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Florida.

  • Location - Mt. Washington Drive and Century Drive
  • Artist - Steve Jensen
  • Year Installed - 2002
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