Gilded River

  • Location - Murphy Road & Third Street
  • Artist - Ken McCall, Leslie Dixon and Mark Baltes
  • Year Installed - 2017

The team of Ken McCall, Mark Baltes and Leslie Dixon combines the vision and skills of three distinctly different artists to create unique artworks. Our works, ranging from the bold and colorful to quietly contemplative, all share the same motivation; to create a positive shared experience for the public.


For over twenty years Ken McCall has been creating contemporary metal sculpture in the Northwest. Known for his meticulous craftsmanship, this BSU educated Idaho native coaxes steel and aluminum into flowing organic forms with a strong presence. A tree of circuits glows under Colorado skies in Circuitree; a seamless abstract family creates a community focal point in Family Tree.


A hallmark of Mark Baltes art is taking a small moment of wonder or discovery and making it monumental. An 18’ dandelion scatters its seeds to the Texas wind in Auro Agoseris or a sculpture of colorful kites entitled Wind Dance gently sways in the R.A. Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza. Educated at BSU, this Boise native has been involved in over 26 public art works and specializes in porcelain enamel and kinetic sculptures.


Leslie Dixon is an artist who creates conceptual designs tailored to the unique goals of each piece of public art. An illustrator educated at the Maryland Institute of Art, Leslie often combines symbolism and history in murals and sculpture. Examples of this approach are the collage of book illustrations on plexiglass that form a two-story high tree in A Wider World or the layers of antique billboards painted as a mural to celebrate the history of Garden City in Garden of Change.


Combining our individual strengths has created new works such as Transference for Boise State University, Aeternum Folia for Greeley, Colorado, Symmetry for the Inn at 500 and Gilded River for Bend, Oregon as well as future works 24/7 and Call and Respond which are tributes to the fire service in Boise.