Bueno Homage to the Buckaroo

Danae Bennett-Miller often depicts animals in what she calls a "semi-abstract" style. Bennett-Miller is attracted to the nature of animals—horses, elk, buffalo, crane, heron, rabbit, rooster—and their personality.

Bennett-Miller fabricates each sculpture using a lost wax process. Sculpted directly with wax and cast in bronze, each piece is one of a kind. Once the molten bronze is poured, the wax is lost. She doesn’t make molds. Her unique process, which involves creating the wax sheets she uses to sculpt with, gives the alloy an ethereal quality, not often found in cast bronze.

Bennett-Miller’s sculptures encapsulate movement and life and her work flows with a balance of what you see and what is implied, playing with the heaviness of bronze, she imbues it with the lightness of air and glass. Bennett-Miller’s sculpture Cranes-Dancing for Flossie can be found in downtown Bend and Canyon Horse in Sisters, Oregon. Bennett-Miller’s work was featured on Oregon Art Beat in 2006.

  • Location - Newport Avneue & 9th Street
  • Artist - Danae Bennett-Miller
  • Year Installed - 2005
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