About Us


Art in Public Places Has Been Placing Art in our community since 1973.

How It All Began

In the early 1970's, a lack of art opportunities in Bend led a handful of young mothers to seek out ways to bring art shows and art classes to Central Oregon. This initial impetus to bring more art to Bend has since morphed into the Art in Public Places' vision: Give Bend public art in expansive, mindful, and encompassing ways. From a few strong-willed mothers to a registered nonprofit with immense impact on the Bend community, AIPP has become integral to the momentum of Bend and its people.

Here & Now

Today, the board of directors of AiPP is comprised of several longstanding Bend residents, including Sue Hollern, Jody Ward, Cristy Lanfri, René Mitchell, Romy Mortensen, Sandy Cummings and Dana Whitelaw. Together, members of the AiPP board hold a deep belief in the idea that art enhances the quality of life of a place.

AiPP remains committed to enriching the cultural environment of Bend through accessible, high-caliber art, as well as to connecting residents and encouraging visitors to the Bend area through its presence.




Our Continuing Goals and Vision


Art in Public Places is a nonprofit organization rooted in the community of Bend, OR. Funded by the Bend Foundation, the Be Part of Art campaign, and private donations, AiPP enriches the experience of Bend by bringing permanent art installations to public spaces throughout the city.

The overarching goal of AiPP is to continue to grow Bend’s collection of public art in real and meaningful ways, transforming the city into a destination for art appreciators everywhere.


The Selection Process


Each piece of art commissioned by AiPP undergoes an extensive vetting process to determine its overall value to the Bend community. Elements taken into consideration include:

•  Level of artistic excellence

•  Interactivity

•  Innovative qualities

•  Originality

•  Durability

•  Ability to enhance a particular natural landscape or enliven a specific public space


AiPP’s calls for art are open to professional artists residing in the western and southwest regions of the U.S. who demonstrate prior experience with public art projects, including familiarity with site-specific design and materials suitable for public outdoor settings.


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